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ESM 223 Lecture 12 – Basin Groundwater Management – Concepts and Principles; California Groundwater Management Winter 2008, Norm Brown California State Well Numbering Earth’s water supply 97.2% oceans (saline) 2.1% ice caps and glaciers 0.7% groundwater <0.01% surface water <0.005% soil moisture <0.001% atmosphere More than 98% of the available fresh water is groundwater Todd and Mays, 2005
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• Groundwater is part of a commons - management rights and responsibility are not always clearly defined • The relationship between groundwater and surface water is complex – hydrologically, legally, … • Groundwater quality is a critical buffer for many resource demands (… and sinks become sources similar to matrix diffusion …) Tragedy of the commons; Weak public understanding or interest about water resources or issue Missing or incomplete data over a sufficiently long period of time to measure the resource response to relevant climatic and stress conditions Rate structures and Subsidies Some Obstacles for Groundwater Management Combined Management of Surface and Groundwater Large volumes of groundwater in storage Groundwater extraction for beneficial use “Additional” extractions during drought when surface water is not available Replenishment when surface water is available Conjunctive Use Conjunctive Use
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esm223_12___LecNotes_final - Winter 2008, Norm Brown...

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