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MIDTERM REVIEW SHEET The midterm exam will begin promptly @ 610pm on Monday March 3 rd , 2008. The exam will be 50 questions consisting of the following: ---20 multiple choice ---10 matching ---10 true/false ---10 short answer CHAPTER 1 CHAPTER 2 -claims -defining communication -warrant -basic/applied comm research -personal experience -communication behavior -intuition -independent vs. dependant -appeals variables -research methods -ordered vs. nominal variables -the research process -hypothesis -characteristics of research -research as a culture -research as conversation CHAPTER 3 CHAPTER 4 -reviewing previous research -conceptual vs. operational -figure 3.1 page 51
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Unformatted text preview: definitions-research reports-quantitative & qualitative -quantitative research measurements-qualitative research-levels of measurement-methodology-ordinal/interval scales-references-Likert scales-self reports-questionnaires and interviews CHAPTER 5 CHAPTER 6-internal/external validity-ethics-reliability-tenure-content validity-grant money-Hawthorne Effect-confidentiality-selection-debriefing-sampling-dehoaxing-census-anonymity-sample error-aggregate data-systematic sample-statistical disclosure-replication CHAPTER 12 OF RUBIN TEXT-basic elements of writing-tense & agreement-voice transitions-style-writing formats...
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MIDTERM_REVIEW_CAS_204 - definitions-research...

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