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ESM 223 Lecture 13 – Basin Groundwater Management – Concepts and Principles (II); California Groundwater Management Winter 2008, Norm Brown Surface water, groundwater interaction Groundwater law (judicial) & surface water law (statutory), versus hydrologic reality Partial basin management by agencies; compare with court decisions that include the entire basin Better protection of the commons -- quantity AND quality Transboundary water quantity and quality Many different kinds of boundaries Protection of recharge areas Supplemental water Infrastructure Management Issues Funding Users States Federal Government Protective v. Reactive Good management requires consideration of these constraints and opportunities: Political Legal Institutional Technical Economic
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Managing Demand • Mismatch of demand categories with supply infrastructure – One pipe to serve municipal potable, household waste and irrigation. – Change requires very high capital cost and means demand management is difficult to target. • Behaviors and use do change – both in wet and dry periods. • Gross demand in most areas is increased, together with efficiency – Reduced elasticity of demand; implications for supply management Managing Supply • Multiple v. Single source systems; blending • Long-term and short-term strategies
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esm223_13___LecNotes - Winter 2008 Norm Brown Management...

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