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ESM223 – Winter 2008 Norm Brown Problem Set 4: Cumulative Departure Due Submit your spreadsheet as an email attachment no later than the beginning of class, Thursday, February 28. Assignment Find precipitation data for a publicly-maintained weather station that has at least 30 years of data, with at least monthly records. Build a spreadsheet that summarizes the data by water year . Pick a 30-year period and calculate the average precipitation for that timeframe.
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Unformatted text preview: Calculate annual cumulative departure for the 30-year period you chose for this site. Create a line graph of the cumulative departure, with water years on the abscissa (x), and departure (in inches or mm or whatever) on the ordinate. In your email, please write a sentence explaining whether or not you believe you could define an average hydrologic base period for some portion of the 30-year period represented by your cumulative departure curve....
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