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ESM223 – Winter 2008 Norm Brown Problem Set 1: Due 11:00, Tuesday, January 15. You may submit the completed assignment in either of these ways: As an email attachment (; the attachment should be a Word or Acrobat document. If you have calculations in Excel to support your work, you may submit these as a separate file. Other file formats are probably okay but please consult with me first. If the total filesize of your email and attachments exceeds 9Mb (heaven forbid!), please consult with me first. Must reach my inbox before the beginning of class Tuesday. As file(s) on CD (same file format requirements as above), turned in at the beginning of class. As a printed document, turned in at the beginning of class. Your deliverable should be concise and in a style appropriate to a professional client. Background : You are a project manager proposing a technical study for a water supply agency. The agency gets a significant amount of its water supply from the coastal
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