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By: Ted Johnson, Chief Hydrogeologist Email: The WRD is pleased to present the first in a series of Technical Bulletins designed to provide useful information on the groundwater resources of the Central and West Coast Basins (CWCB). Volume 1 presents an introduction to the general hydrogeology of the basins. Future issues will cover topics such as seawater intrusion, computer modeling, well drilling, water quality, aquifer properties, and replenishment facts. The WRD welcomes any comments on its Technical Bulletins or suggestions for future topics. Geology The CWCB are two groundwater basins in the Coastal Plain of Los Angeles County. They are comprised of Quaternary- age sediments (less than 1.8 million years old) of gravel, sand, silt, and clay that were deposited from the erosion of nearby hills and mountains, and from historic beaches and shallow ocean floors that covered the area in the past. Underlying these Quaternary sediments are basement rocks such as the Pliocene Pico Formation that generally do not provide sufficient quantities of groundwater for pumping. Separating the Central Basin from the West Coast Basin is the Newport-Inglewood Uplift (NIU), a series of discontinuous faults and folds that form a prominent line of northwest trending hills including the Baldwin Hills, Dominguez Hills, and Signal Hill. The Central Basin (CB) covers approximately 270 square miles and is bounded on the north by the Hollywood Basin and the Elysian, Repetto, Merced, and Puente hills, to the east by the Los Angeles County/Orange County line, and to the south and west by the NIU. The California Department of Water Resources (1961) divided the Central Basin into four sections; the Los Angeles Forebay, the Montebello Forebay, the Whittier Area, and the Pressure Area (Figure 1). The two forebays represent areas of unconfined aquifers
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esm223_14_Reading_WRD_Tech_Overview - Technical Bulletin...

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