esm223-W08 -- Final Project more detail

esm223-W08 -- Final Project more detail - ESM223 Winter...

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ESM223 – Winter 2008 Norm Brown F INAL P ROJECT Due: Friday, March 14, 1:00 pm (or earlier if we reschedule your presentation to an earlier time than the official finals period) Oral Presentation in class during scheduled time for final exam (or earlier as we might arrange) The final project is a case study analysis and report. You may work individually or in pairs. There will be a short (~10 min) oral presentation; if you choose to work with a partner, you must both participate in the presentation. The objective of this assignment is to put together a variety of the concepts and tools you have learned in this course. The available information for the different cases may vary considerably, with some providing a lot of detail and some being more general. Your case study will focus on one of these two general subjects: 1. Risk assessment, RI/FS and corrective action for a hazardous waste site, or 2. Groundwater quality management assessment and plan for a groundwater basin. Option 1: Hazardous Waste Site For many sites with available data, a feasibility study or remediation proposal may already be developed. You may use this information, but you should be critical of the
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esm223-W08 -- Final Project more detail - ESM223 Winter...

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