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IE 495 Final Project Project Guidelines Dr. Ralphs I. Introduction The task will be to design and implement an algorithm for solving or approximating the solution to an optimization problem of your choosing. By default, you will develop an approach for solving the Traveling Salesman Problem. However, other projects may be pursued with my approval. II. Project Scope Your approach should allow you to complete the project within the timeframe allotted (see schedule below). However, it should be sophisticated enough to demonstrate the integration and application of a broad range of ideas from the course. III.Evaluation You will be evaluated based on the following general criteria: Integration and knowledge of course material. Creativity of solution approach. Sophistication of solution approach. Use of appropriate data structures. Efficiency of implementation. Analysis (including comparison to other approaches). Presentation (written and oral).
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Unformatted text preview: IV.Schedule There will be no class on Tuesday, November 7 (don’t forget to vote if you’re eligible). In lieu of class, your group should schedule a project proposal meeting with me by November 9 (the earlier the better). Note that I will be out of town from November 3-7. At this meeting, you will make a 15-minute presentation describing your proposal. You should approach this presentation as if it were a business proposal to a potential client. Include a proposed schedule with a few milestones, such as completion of background research, completion of implementation, completion of testing. I’d also like to know how you plan to divide the work among group members. V. Conclusion This is your chance to demonstrate what you’ve learned in the course. Take advantage of the opportunity to shine. Feel free to ask for help and guidance along the way....
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