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ESM 223 Lecture 14 – California Groundwater Management (cont’d) ; Artificial Recharge Winter 2008, Norm Brown Well Construction – Monitoring Wells Artificial Recharge Todd and Mays, 2005 ASR: Aquifer Storage and Recovery Permeable zone for recharge Consider also “incidental” artificial recharge from irrigation return flows Recharge mounds at injection wells Confined Unconfined Todd and Mays, 2005
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Source Water • Surface flows – diversions, impoundments, and imports • Recycled water – Blending requirements – Differences with regard to managed recharge and “incidental” recharge from SAT disposal of wastewater • Increasing convergence on regulations for this • Case of Nipomo CSD • Highly treated water, e.g., OCWD’s injection program at Talbert Gap – California DHS “purple book” and related regulations Case Studies • Orange County Water District • Seaside Basin (Monterey Peninsula Water Management District) Other examples: • Granite Reef and other projects in the Phoenix basin • WRD of Southern California (see reading) • Las Vegas shallow aquifer management
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esm223_14_lecnotes - Winter 2008 Norm Brown Well...

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