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STRUCTURES 2 May 28, 2007 Largest Desalination Plant in the West on Track for Carlsbad Ocean Would Be Drought-Proof Resource for 50M Gallons Daily of Fresh Drinking Water BY MICHELLE MOWAD San Diego County may soon have a drought-resistant water supply. Poseidon Resources Corp., a Stamford, Conn.-based developer of seawater desal- ination plants, with ofF ces in San Diego, is working to develop the largest sea- water desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere in North County. Poseidon has been working with the city of Carlsbad since 1998 on a public- private partnership to construct a 50-mil- lion-gallon-per-day desalination plant at the site of the Encina Power Station adja- cent to the Agua Hedionda Lagoon. This is enough drinking water to serve 300,000 residents annually. Scott Maloni , spokesman for Poseidon Resources, said a desalination plant can help offset the county’s dependency on imported water. Up to 90 percent of the region’s water is imported from the Colo- rado River and Northern California. “This is all based on demand,” said Ma- loni. “There is an enormous demand in San Diego County for a local supply.” And the PaciF c Ocean is the ultimate drought-proof local resource, he said. The plant will provide Carlsbad with control of drinking water that is not dependent on rainfall or outside suppliers. If all things are a go, construction on the $270 million plant could commence early next year and be complete as ear- ly as 2009. Poseidon has garnered support from the city, built a pilot plant for operation- al and environmental effects testing, con- ducted environmental impact studies, se- lected the design/build team and signed several sales agreements with local water authorities. What is next is a little bit of a waiting game. Before construction can begin, Pose- idon Resources must secure a coast- al development permit from the Califor- nia Coastal Commission and state Lands Commission. The coastal commission per- mit application is on track to be included as an agenda item on November’s meet- ing in San Diego. Plans Flowing Along Even without this necessary piece of the puzzle, Poseidon is moving forward, making its proposed vision a success. Currently, Poseidon is running a fully
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esm223_18_Reading_Poseidon-SDBusJour-May2007 - 2 S T R U C...

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