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Physics 31: Homework #11 Due Thursday, April 23, 2008 Problem C: Evaluate the following integrals. You should write the cartesian coordinates x or z in terms of spherical polar coordinates. Remember that the volume element will be r 2 dr sin θdθ dφ , and the integrals are over all space. Rearrange terms so that each integral is a product of an r integral, a θ integral, and a
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Unformatted text preview: φ integral. It usually pays to evaluate the θ and φ integrals Frst, because if one of them is zero, you have the answer without bothering with the r integral. Z ψ 100 zψ 100 dV Z ψ 100 zψ 210 dV Z ψ 210 zψ 210 dV Z ψ 100 xψ 210 dV Z ψ 100 xψ 211 dV Do the following problems in Beiser: Chapter 6: 10, 12, 16...
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