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Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind - Be Kind Rewind Second time with Michel...

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Be Kind Rewind Second time with Michel Gondry o Doesn’t think like anyone else, creativity is so complex yet rooted in the boyish quality o Met him at an interview for Eternal Sunshine o Explained some of the things he wanted to do, production designer has a significant amount of theater work o Gondry doesn’t like to rely on digital effects o About the least digital film Drawings or script? o Written script with a drawing on the front of Fats Waller pushing a phonogram o Drawings that would be on a refrigerator Free reign, collaborative project? o Gondry gives a kernel of an idea, lets you think about it/run with it, then he’ll say you were on or off. o The sequence with when we were kings and moved through several movies was a long take with no cuts. o The part with 2001 was a misfire on the guest’s part o The drum was supposed to rotate, but it wasn’t want Gondry wanted. How much time preproduction did he have to make it o Low budget movie, only 6 weeks of pre production o A little more than the movie of the week o During this period they had to have already shot the black white scenes of fats waller 2 weeks to film that, had to use a lot of R&D to make the film rig too o The fats waller film is 11-12 minutes. How big was the team?
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o 1 art director one assistant, one set dresser, one buyer, prop people, prop maker who made all the rolling bathtubs and harmonium, small team Location o The building is a contemporary building built in the 50s that they facaded. A church had taken over the first floor, they redid the inside and out to make it seem old. o The window where the bedsheet went had to be the right ratio to show the film o Wouldn’t recognize it if you drove past it. o The building goes all the way back to the alley, but they made it look like it was smaller o Mirrors on top of the building made it look like the roof drops off and “erased” the building
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Be Kind Rewind - Be Kind Rewind Second time with Michel...

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