La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose - La Vie en Rose A man was writing a script...

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La Vie en Rose A man was writing a script about Edith’s life, she received the script and it was a natural feeling. She was touched for him to consider her. How did you do it, where do you begin? Olivier would do makeup/costume first. She begins inside. Understand her, understand someone isn’t very easy. Begin from the inside. Hopes it will appear in the outside. o Research Edith and she knew her a little before, knew her songs. o Very technical to read. She studied her films and took her energy from that. She met her best friend before they shot the film. She opened her heart for me and that part of her life stopped in 63. o She opened up with love and generosity. More than close, Gineou was 15 when she met Edith (30). o Traveled with her all around the world. She was a diamond. o She never asked her questions, only once when she asked if she needed to meet someone. o She gave her all she needed. Physical transformation: o External as well as internal. Worked with makeup artist to create the character. Light and the makeup have to work very close together. o Hard to find the right makeup artist, tried many, not enough experience or not possible. o A month before they found a great, beautiful makeup artist. He was as crazy as everyone else on the set. o The inside: many things together, she had one inspiration: she lived for 5 years with grand-uncle, ill. Got the way Edith walks from him.
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o When you live with someone in pain, you can imagine their pain. Did you watch make up tests? Not want to see? o During the work in progress (pre) they had troubles with makeup. They only did a day of screen tests with the makeup. Didn’t have much time. First day of old edith the makeup wasn’t working.
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La Vie en Rose - La Vie en Rose A man was writing a script...

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