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Unformatted text preview: IE 495 Computation in OR Dr. Ralphs Mid-course evaluation Name (optional): Agree Disagree Lectures The lectures are clear and understandable |---------------------------------------------| The lectures are useful in understanding the course material. |---------------------------------------------| The lectures help me to understand the reading. |---------------------------------------------| The lecture slides are a good accompaniment to the lecture. |---------------------------------------------| The basic design of the lecture slides is good (color, text size, detail, etc.). |---------------------------------------------| My learning style is matched well to the lecture style. |---------------------------------------------| The pace of the lectures is too fast. |---------------------------------------------| The pace of the lectures is too slow. |---------------------------------------------| The lectures do not go into enough depth. |---------------------------------------------| Reading Assignments The reading is a good extension of the lecture. |---------------------------------------------| The reading helps me understand the course material. |---------------------------------------------| The reading is too disjointed. |---------------------------------------------| It's hard to connect all the reading assignments to each other. |---------------------------------------------| There's too much reading. |---------------------------------------------| Homework Assignments The homework assignments are too hard. |---------------------------------------------| The homework assignments are too far removed from the lecture material. |---------------------------------------------| It's hard to make the connection between the homeworks and the class material. |---------------------------------------------| The problem sets show the relationship of the course to other disciplines. |---------------------------------------------| Even though the assignments are hard, I end up learning a lot from doing them. |---------------------------------------------| There is not enough detail in the problem statements. |---------------------------------------------| The programming assignments are useful in the learning process. |---------------------------------------------| The programming assignments will be useful to me later in other courses. |---------------------------------------------| There is not enough direction on the programming assignments. |---------------------------------------------| Overall I see the "big picture" of the course. |---------------------------------------------| Isee how the topics we've covered so far relate to each other. |---------------------------------------------| I know where the course is going. |---------------------------------------------| This has been a good course so far. |---------------------------------------------| I would recommend this course to another student. |---------------------------------------------| Comments ...
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This note was uploaded on 08/06/2008 for the course IE 495 taught by Professor Linderoth during the Fall '08 term at Lehigh University .

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