Stop Loss

Stop Loss - Stop Loss Interviewed soldiers coming home. o...

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Stop Loss Interviewed soldiers coming home. o This was the transport group that would transport generals between cities o Story with Mark was great because there was a lot of great video o Weren’t moving as fast as they wanted o Quit his Emmy award winning show to come write this project o He was working on a spec script about right after the Korean war when they had no ammo or food in sub-zero temp o A guy had been in this problematic situation, when asked how he got home he said he walked When it came to casting did they share videos with actors? o They got a DVD with the script that was all shot and edited by soldiers o Doesn’t think he needs it, but likes it when it happens Meet with soldiers o Maime said they made a packet with videos with Army wives o Found some humor in it, but realized how tragic it was Victor had to go to boot camp before the film o Vital for all of them to do boot camp o Five actors, a few vets, and 3 drill sergeants o Jim Deiver is used to training soldiers They were there for 5 days o Ass kicked in the morning, respectable after lunch so they could learn a lot of stuff o Had to get up once a night to keep watch of nothing o You’re supposed to get out of bed and put on his boots, and the other guy is supposed to stay on guard, but Victor got the lazy NYer nickname o Helped out in forming the brotherhood needed in the film How is it different from another film where you have to imagine it all
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o Felt a different responsibility in this film because it is current and contemporary o Guys are living and dying just this way o Couldn’t fuck this up because he owed it to the guys o Levit was raised very anti-military and peace activist o Learned a lot and made him feel he had to do it right Playing a VA hospital vet o He had a shocking feel the first time he met a vet like his character o The guy was enthusiastic, the guy was hiding some things, and he didn’t want to live
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Stop Loss - Stop Loss Interviewed soldiers coming home. o...

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