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EC - Extra Credit Assignment IE316 Advanced Operations...

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Extra Credit Assignment IE316 – Advanced Operations Research Techniques Dr. Ralphs Due December 5, 2001 General Instructions : This extra credit assignment is intended to give those who did not do well on the second quiz a chance to make up some ground. It is to treated as a take-home exam, rather than as a homework assignment. You cannot work with anyone and you are only allowed to consult me, the textbook, the lecture slides, and your class notes. Scoring : The points you earn on this extra credit assignment will be added directly to your second quiz score. The maximum number of points you will be allowed to receive is . 3(50 - your quiz score). The percentage of that maximum that you actually receive depends on how well you answer the questions below. In other words, if you get a grade of 50% on this assignment and your maximum allowed point total is 10 points, then 5 points will be added to your quiz score. These are difficult problems, but you will make headway on them if you work at it and I will give partial credit for going through the right thought
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