Phobe in Wonderland

Phobe in Wonderland - Phobe in Wonderland First time shown...

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Phobe in Wonderland First time shown in front of more than 15 people o Audiences start to be more normal and not inclined to think about business o Elle Fanning wasn’t born when the first draft was written Motivation for the film: o Wanted to make a film about a person who was different and was better for it o Wrote from the experience of being an unusual person o What shifted for him was writing from the parents perspective, he has unusual children of his own How did he gather the cast? o Felt like he lucked out. First gave script to Huffman (neighbor), she called after reading the script and wanted it right away. She thought they needed more juice from a bigger actress, but then she blew up from desperate housewives Hadn’t worked with Robert before o Looking for an editor, found Hoffman from agent. o You have to spend so much time with them in a small room; you have to know if you can do that with an editor. o They hit it off over coffee, reaching common ground. o The editing job takes a great amount of sensitivity Have to get inside the director’s head and get what they want Need to communicate with director, sometimes just go with gut from the work. (script supervisor takes notes, doesn’t always work) o The editor is processing the raw material that he gives him Wasn’t very surprised from what Hoffman was doing, it was right on with what he wanted What was the most # of takes for a shot?
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o 9 takes, no more than 4 on an average take. o
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Phobe in Wonderland - Phobe in Wonderland First time shown...

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