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Jonathan Lunan Julie Haider Ethics 1720-02 April 20, y Theories address the wage gap in America The world faces many ethical and moral dilemmas that go both noticed and unnoticed in our society on a day to day basis. The thing that is both good and bad about humans is that we are all free thinking beings and we, for the most part have the free ability capacity to choose our paths and what terms of morality that we choose to base our lives upon. The study of ethics dis- cusses different ways of thinking and forming morality. It also discusses theories that have ways of thinking about and responding to moral and ethical issues. There are many issues in the world most specifically the United States that effect a vast amount of people due to inequality, systemic injustice, and overall lack of morality. Of the vast amount of options of ethical issues and injustices in this day and age the issue that will be ad- dressed is be the ever widening wage gap in the United States. The wage gap can be defined as the difference in earnings between the highest earners and the lowest earners. The wage gap affects many groups in the country and is typically caused by systematic disparities that cause less access to economic growth. In the United States, the wage gap has been widening for the years and making it so there is an even wider gap between the rich and the poor and that there is less in between separating the two. The many reasons for the wage gap can be argued, but I’ve contribute the wage gap to three main factors; Lack of Education, Sexism and gender inequality, and Racism among other things.
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The lack of education, otherwise known as the Achievement Gap is a long standing sys- temic problem affecting many impoverished and minority communities in the the country and the cause of some of these issues can be traced back to some of the earliest history in the United States of America. The achievement gap is lower performance and lower graduation rates in school due to the of educational resources. This issue is particularly prevalently in communities of color and impoverished communities. This gap in education leads to a particular groups hav- ing an advantage and starting out ahead with an educational advantage because knowledge is an important part of getting ahead in life. Groups that face educational disparities result in having a
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