mapa - Mapa de Logstica Bogot's airport, Aeropuerto El...

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Mapa de Logística Bogotá's airport, Aeropuerto El Dorado, which handles all domestic and international flights, is 13km (8mi) northwest of the city centre and has two terminals. The main one, El Dorado (tel: 413 9053; Av El Dorado), offers plenty of facilities, including snack bars and restaurants, Internet access and money exchange. Once you are outside El Dorado, do not forget to approach the Taxi Service booth. You will be asked for the address where you are going and will be given a ticket with the exact amount you will be charged for the ride. Taxi cabs in Bogotá all carry a taxi meter and a price chart to calculate the cost of a ride. An average taxi ride in Bogotá costs between 4.000 and 7.000 pesos. We strongly recommend that you only pay the suggested price (although some extra charges DO exist, for example on the weekends or after 8pm). Also, please refrain from taking a cab from the street. Rather, always ask the clerk at your hotel or someone you trust to dial order it for you. Transport rates Taxis Airport to Hotel Radisson: Aprox. $ 9 dollars = $20.000 Rate exchange: US$1 = 2.130 pesos El aeropuerto el Dorado de Bogotá que recibe la mayoría de vuelos domésticos e internacionales está
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mapa - Mapa de Logstica Bogot's airport, Aeropuerto El...

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