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Anthropology 210 • Winter 2008 • Study Guide • Exam 1 Includes chapters 1-4 I. History of Archaeology a. Arch, geology, biology, age of the earth questions b. 3 time periods and concerns i. antiquarians ii. culture history 1. evolutionary period 2. historical particularism 3. defining culture 4. understanding time 5. artifact and site function iii. New archaeologists / processulalists 1. science 2. Bindford 3. Schiffer 4. Dunnell/Findos iv. Post processualism
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Hodder c. Terms: site, context, feature, etc. II. Finding stuff a. Reconnaissance techniques b. Survey c. Sampling schemes d. Excavation techniques or approaches i. Layers vs. levels ii. Facies III. Dating techniques a. Absolute vs. relative b. Direct vs. indirect c. Techniques i. Relative techniques 1. Stratigraphic 2. Seriation 3. Master sequesnce ii. “Absolute” 1. Radiocarbon 2. K-Ar...
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