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CSE 302 Study Guide for the Midterm Exam on Mar. 1st Spring 2007 The midterm exam will be held in the class time (2:35pm - 3:50pm), in the classroom Packard Lab 208 on Thursday, Mar. 1st. The exam will focus on the contents that have been covered by the lectures listed below and their corresponding textbook materials, and please use the lecture slides posted at the Blackboard System as a reference. The types and difficulty level of the midterm questions are similar to those of homework questions. 01/16: Introduction (Chapter 1) 01/18: Syntax definition and parsing (Chapter 2)
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Unformatted text preview: 01/23: Parsing and Syntax directed translation (Chapter 2) 01/25: A simple translator and Lexical analysis (Chapter 2) 01/30: Intermediate code generation (Chapter 2) 02/01: Symbol tables (Chapter 2) 02/06: Lexical analysis overview (Chapter 3) 02/08: Regular expressions and Flex (Chapter 3) 02/13: Regular expression/NFA/DFA conversion(Chapter 3) 02/15: NFA/DFA conversion (Chapter 3) 02/20: Syntax analysis introduction and context-free grammar (Chapter 4) 02/22: Writing a grammar, recursive-descent parsing, and FIRST sets (Chapter 4)...
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