Lab2-Part1 - CSE398 Lab#2 Part I Connecting Two LANs with...

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CSE398 Lab#2 Part I: Connecting Two LANs with Routers and Switches CSE398: Network Systems Design, Lehigh University Instructor: Dr. Liang Cheng, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Lab Assistant: Yaoyao Zhu, Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering Purpose: In this lab, we will learn how to create two LANs and connect them with Cisco routers and switches. Basic commands for Cisco devices are demonstrated in this lab. Upon completing the Lab, students should know how to create a small office wide network. Devices: Two Cisco routers (Cisco 3600), two switches (Cisco Catalyst 2900XL), and two PCs (running Windows XP) are used in this Lab. The basic network typology is shown below: router Cisco 3200 Cisco 3200 switch switch Cross traffic Probe traffic PC1 PC3 PC4 PC2 Two Cisco 3200 routers are connected back-to-back using a DCE/DTE Cable. There are many ways to connect two routers back-to-back. 1: Connect through Ethernet ports: use a crossover cable to directly connect the routers together through two Ethernet ports. 2: Connect through serial ports : use a DCE/DTE cable to connect the serial ports. 3: Connect through auxiliary user interface ( AUI) ports: connect two routers through AUX ( AUI speed up to 115.2 k bps). 4: Connect through Network Modules : e.g. using network module NM-1HSSI High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) card (speed is up to 44.736M bps). 5: Connect through WICs (WAN Interface Cards): e.g. in our Lab, we connect two routers using two WAN Interface cards (WIC-1T). WIC-1T is a fast serial interface card, and the speed is up to 1.544 M. Configuration commands are the same as the serial connection (category #2 discussed above). For more detailed discussion, please visit: Background information: Cisco online documents for 3600 routers can be found at:
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Lab2-Part1 - CSE398 Lab#2 Part I Connecting Two LANs with...

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