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homework01 - with the pace of the course The homework...

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ECE 108 Signals and Systems Spring 2007, Instructor: Tiffany Li Homework 1 Given: Jan 22, 2007 Due: Jan 29, 2007, before class 1. Read and study Chapter 1 (Pages 51-96) in text. 2. Do problems: (page 96-101) 1.1-1, 1.1-2, 1.1-3, 1.1-6, 1.3-1, 1.3-2, 1.4-4, 1.4-5, 1.5-1, 1.7-1 NOTE: Students should be aware that this course moves very quickly and is math inten- sive. You must study at least 2 hours per night (equivalently 12 hours per week) to keep up
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Unformatted text preview: with the pace of the course. The homework problems will be from the textbook. Quizzes, the midterm and the final will have problems very similar to homework problems. It is very important for you to do the homeworks and study the examples in the textbook. 1...
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