notes. 10.10 - At 15+ you get citizenship-Fleeing...

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10/10- Givan - List o Legalization programs o Temporary/guest worker o Refugees and asylum o Migration industry o Regional integration o Human trafficking - Restriction/Help of Labor - Hard and Soft Regulation o Ethical, codes of conducts o Multiple stake holders o Transnational issue - Who is allowed here: naturalization, amnesty= allows previously illegal immigrants (categories) to attempt citizenships - Seasonal; 1960s/19070s- Bradio- temporary farm worker from Mexico o H2A visa= Mexican temporary work visa o German= gastarbieter 1950s-2000 Second tier As of 2000 birth right, citizenships, foreign nations
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Unformatted text preview: At 15+ you get citizenship-Fleeing persecution or natural disaster cannot live in heir own country, UNHCR, internally displaced/asylum claim has not yet been decided o Often very temporary-EU= best example, since 1995 (Shangen Agreement) EU, citizens can work in any country, not matter how stalled delay in free flow-Often child labor, domestic worked, often in isolated connections o Forcement= until cooperation-Soft regulation- get people to do the right thin o Some do, some dont...
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notes. 10.10 - At 15+ you get citizenship-Fleeing...

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