lab1 - IE170 Lab #1 Prof Jeff Linderoth IE 170 – Lab #1:...

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Unformatted text preview: IE170 Lab #1 Prof Jeff Linderoth IE 170 – Lab #1: Getting Started Due Date: January 22, 2006. 1PM. 1 Description and Objectives In this lab, we will set up our working environment for future labs, familiarize ourselves with Eclipse, and write some simple programs. The Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a powerful and free framework for building Java programs. Though it is a bit “heavy- weight” for what we need in this course, we will use it, as it will likely be a valuable software package for you to know in the context of other development projects you will encounter in your post-graduate life. Lab Objectives 1. Learn how to install the Java SDK and Eclipse IDE 2. Get introductory training on the Eclipse IDE 3. Learn how to create Java projects with Eclipse 4. Write some simple and useful Java utilities 2 Downloading Java SDK and Eclipse IDE 1. Install Java from the Lehigh Software Installation Site. • Goto install software (from start menu) • Select: Java J2SE SDK 5.0 Update 7 with NetBeans IDE 5.0. • If you would like to install on a remote computer – visit . 2. Install Eclipse IDE. • Select Eclipse 3.2 SDK from list 3. Startup Eclipse. Do the Eclipse Tutorial on creating a Java application 3 Setting Up Your Workspace 1. For the time being you should create one project for every lab that you will do. Create the java project lab1 2. Create a simple “Hello World” application that runs in your workspace Problem 3 Page 1 IE170 Lab #1...
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lab1 - IE170 Lab #1 Prof Jeff Linderoth IE 170 – Lab #1:...

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