lab7 - IE170 Lab #7 Mustafa R. Kılın¸ c & Jeff...

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Unformatted text preview: IE170 Lab #7 Mustafa R. Kılın¸ c & Jeff Linderoth IE 170 – Lab #7: Graphs and Breadth-First Graph Search Due Date: March 12, 2006. 11AM. 1 Description and Objectives In this lab, you are going to implement a Graph class. This class will be a basis to study a variety of algorithms that are useful for answering questions arising from Graph Theory. Many subsequent labs will build on this class, so it is important that you do this lab well. As discussed in class, A graph G = ( V, E ) is a set of vertices and a set of edges that connect pairs of distinct vertices. There are two straightforward classical representations of graphs. These are the adjacency-matrix representation and adjacency-lists representation. In this lab, we will implement the graph using adjacency lists. And we will implement breadth-first search on the graph, using the resulting implementation to experimentally explore questions in Random Graph Theory. Lab Objectives 1. Understand Graphs and their representation. 2. Learn and implement data structure that are used for representation of graphs. 3. Learn and implement the breadth-first search graph-search algorithms 4. Learn how breadth-first search can be used to answer graph-related questions such as connectivity and minimum distance paths....
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lab7 - IE170 Lab #7 Mustafa R. Kılın¸ c & Jeff...

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