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Notes 10.15 - o Fault line split a group by numerous...

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10/15 - Several types of diversity, means many things o Attributions based on differences between people o Surface level- easily visible to others o Deep level- beliefs or attitudes - Underlying diversity idea- “value” in diversity hypothesis o Diverse groups broader range of information which leads to better perfoamnce o Most studies test this - Business case for diversity o Customer relate-ability - Evidence- Diverse groups are better o Deep level diversity=higher quality Very clear findings, people do better Personality, political, attitudes, education, job background o Diversity also has negative consequences Social divisions, conflict, less cohesion Double edged sword=diversity - Diversity can be structured to make worse o Only one minority works better than an even split
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Unformatted text preview: o Fault line- split a group by numerous factors-Influence on performance o Similarity-attraction- people like those similar to ourselves Predict association communication Effects diminish over time-Self categorization theory o People will define themselves as part of a group o Triggered based on where you are and who you’re with o Hetero groups more characteristics o Happens instantly-Consequences of Categorization o Concern for the group o In group v. out group, us v. them, show favoritism towards us o Explains why heterogeneous groups are less attached o Stronger in whites and men-Solutions o Create a stronger subordinate group o Make a firms idea collectivism-Diversity effects are mixed...
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Notes 10.15 - o Fault line split a group by numerous...

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