Notes 9.12 - • If hygiene factors are present that people...

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9/12 - Process theories try to explain through line - Expectancy theory o 3 Things Managers should know Expectancy- if I try I can achieve my goal Instrumentality- if no one will notice my accomplishment, I won’t work Valence- is the reward worth the work o Expectancy x instrumentality x valence = motivation Want to optimize all three factors o Scales used to measure all three o Mostly extrinsic goals - Situational Approach o Studies tried to determine what was needed to do work on less time o Hawthorne Studies- are there ways to design a work environment to increase productivity All changes caused improvement the first time The second time they all reduce productivity o Herzberg Two Factor Theory Asked about feelings about job Hygiene Factors- salary, etc
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Unformatted text preview: • If hygiene factors are present that people are not dissatisfied Motivator factors- achievement, recognition, responsibility • Cause satisfaction o Job Characteristics Theory 5 Core Characteristics • Skill variety- need many skills regularly • Task identity- finish something each day, finished product • Task significance- work is meaningful • Autonomy- decide how you do it • Job feedback All lead to an enriched job Citibank Case Study • Initially each person had one step • Must be taught how to do job well o Social Information Process Approach Work doesn’t matter, peer view matters New employee= based on peer professions....
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Notes 9.12 - • If hygiene factors are present that people...

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