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Unformatted text preview: IE426: Algorithms in Systems Engineering: Lecture 1 Jeff Linderoth Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Lehigh University January 15, 2007 Jeff Linderoth IE170:Lecture 1 Today’s Outline About this class. About me About you Say Cheese! Quiz Number 0 Background in Algorithms Jeff Linderoth IE170:Lecture 1 Class Overview Meeting Times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:10AM-12PM, 375 Packard Lab. Office Hours: ( Please try to use them). Monday 10:00-11:00 Wednesday 10:00-11:00 By Appointment (610-758-4879) Course HomePage: http://www.lehigh.edu/~jtl3/teaching/ie170 I will post outlines of lecture notes there before class. But not necessarily much before. Syllabus dates are somewhat tentative Jeff Linderoth IE170:Lecture 1 Course Details Learning is better if you participate. I will call on you during class. (Gasp!) A portion of your grade depends on your participation. Labs and Problems Sets The best way to learn is by doing. ⇒ I give lots of homework. Don’t be late! 10% Grade penalty for every late day. No exception! Quizzes: Scheduled on an “as needed” basis. If I sense you are working independently and making good progress on the labs and problems sets, we will have fewer quizzes. Jeff Linderoth IE170:Lecture 1 Labs Labs on Monday from 1-4. You should plan on spending the entire time working with the help of the T/As. Your T/As Kumar Abhishek: [email protected] Udom Janjarassuk: [email protected] Mustafa Kilin¸ c: [email protected] I am paying them to help out of my own pocket, so please think before you bug them Jeff Linderoth IE170:Lecture 1 Grading 10% Participation 30% Labs and Problem Sets 30% Quizzes 30% Final Exam Jeff Linderoth IE170:Lecture 1 Topics 1 Introduction to Algorithm Analysis 2 Sorting and Searching 3 Graph Algorithms 4 Numerical Algorithms Jeff Linderoth IE170:Lecture 1 Course Objectives (IE170) Understand the basic principles of algorithm design, especially for applications in systems engineering; Understand basic techniques for analyzing the performance of algorithms; Develop an appreciation for the importance of implementing algorithms efficiently and the skills necessary for doing so; Develop an ability to solve systems engineering problems by designing and implementing an appropriate algorithm.designing and implementing an appropriate algorithm....
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lecture1 - IE426: Algorithms in Systems Engineering:...

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