notes. 11.19

notes. 11.19 - o No standardization within industries o...

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11/19- Kuruvilla - Sullivan Principles—corporations agreed to fight apartheid o Society forces corporations, where codes came from - Corporations used it as a preemptive force against worng - Employees get upset by poor practices strong push for companies - Unions disagree with codes, think unions are the best method - Consumers don’t want to pay more for ethical standards - Biggest monistor- global social compliance - Different interests depending on where you are from - Code problems o No one know shte code, unaware it exists o Dissatisfaction with how monitoring is done o A code is useless o Doesn’t impact enough industries o No punishemt! Companies don’t cut of other companies o No right to organize, how complain about code o Need for outside mintor o Garment facotires work for many many compines
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Unformatted text preview: o No standardization within industries o Extremely easy to violate code can work elsewhere-Certification o Verify that everything is legitimiate o Certification has problems—to general, not followed up o FLA certifier o Global compact—-Reporting o Very detailed notes on what is found o Triple bottom line- very important o GRI= huge reporter-Nike o In some places the factories are great, in others they are horrible-Best practices o Indicate companie will be there for awhile o Environmental standards- social standards o Qudit all factories (thousans) o Need to be in maangers faces constantly o Anyone can go to factories o Need finance an compliance to be the same level of importance o Easy to see who the people are...
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notes. 11.19 - o No standardization within industries o...

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