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Sample (short and simple) Requirements Specification Line Editor with Multiple Undo/Redo Purpose : Develop a simple text editor, whose most interesting feature will be multiple undo/redo , i.e., it should be possible to undo any sequence of commands that changes the state of the text in the editor and correspondingly redo them. Scope: The line-editor, loosely based on Unix ed , will have just a few commands, as described below. The emphasis is on undo rather than a full-blown editor. This program will take a team of 2-3 students about two weeks to analyze, design and implement. Definitions : A line - editor is a program that allows a user to examine or modify text files by entering commands on a line in response to a prompt. A prompt is one or more characters emitted by a program letting the user know that a program is waiting for a command. A command is a character that the user enters telling the editor to perform some operation, such as deleting a line. Functional specification
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