Notes 10.29 - have drinking heavily engrained in their...

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10/29 Guest Lecturer Prof. Sandenstoul - Sandhogs- minders underneath NYC - Culture- emerged because structure didn’t explain everything o Meaning, how we imbue a sense of meaning to what we do, in orgs it is who we are, the way we do things o Collective response to managing uncertainty o Blue print for living or sense making device o Two elements Ideology is shared, relatively coherent interrelated sets of emotionally charged beliefs, values and norms that bind some people together and help them make sense of their world Cultural forms express, communicate, and reinforce ideology, symbols, rituals, stories o What is the content? How can it be communicated?? - Alcohol= cultural form o Meaning= god’s fit, demon rum o Often considered two faced, both goo dna d bad o Used to be instead of coffee break o Caused workers to unite against the management - Ritual effects o Culture is very emotional - Research o Alcohol has been mostly removed from work, however some industries
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Unformatted text preview: have drinking heavily engrained in their culture o o Sandhogs are very proud of their work, NYC needs them-Sandhogs o Very close, supportive group relationships; drop any above ground conflicts, reputation is important, gossip=huge, father/son up until 80’s hired from bars-Why would you drink on such a dangerous job? o Brings people together o Passed on from generation to generation o Keeps warm, medicinal (particularly early on) o Fathers and sons together o Have to drink to be a sandhog, have to be a little crzy to go down there o Used to have beer-tender in the tunnel o Never drink too much-Alcohol is a symbol of unification, creates solidarity, symbol of resistance going against managers-Drinking at schools o Binge drinking, referred to alcoholics, now college kids...
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Notes 10.29 - have drinking heavily engrained in their...

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