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The "meaning" of inheritance Semantics of inheritances is shifty ( Overhead: A Hierarchy of Classes ) --a classic paper by Woods on semantic networks: What's in a link? --isa could mean subtype or instance-of or has-properties-of ... See and discuss UM multimedia in problem solving: Square Meyer: depends on how look at classes -- as type or as module 1) Classes as type : --inheritance means subtype E.g., SQUARE is a subtype of RECTANGLE Subtype specializes supertype E.g., SQUARE computes perimeter from just one side 2) Classes as module : inheritance means more services CLOSED_FIGURE adds features to FIGURE: perimeter, area CLOSED_FIGURE, the heir, is an extension of FIGURE I.e., subtype vs. implementation inheritance: but should we use the same mechanism? --in Eiffel, yes: inheritance can be used for semantic or implementation purposes --in Sather, no: distinguishes subtype and implementation inheritance --What about C++? What about Java? Multiple Inheritance (Overhead) Eiffel permits a class to inherit from many superclasses class FIXED_STACK[T] inherit STACK[T]; ARRAY[T] . .. end; Meyer calls this a "marriage of convenience" I call this a good example of the ambiguity of the inheritance relation! FIXED_STACK inherits from two classes: NOTE semi-colon (;) STACK[T] is a deferred class: (an "aristocratic family"): defines the semantics of stacks abstractly FIXED_STACK is a specialization of STACK: with fixed size ARRAY[T] is an effective class: (a "bourgeous family") provides implementation details FIXED_STACK is an extension of ARRAY to implement push,pop. .. LINKED_STACK inherits from a different effective class: LINKED_LIST Is this a good idea? What kinds of relations are being lumped together? Confuses subtype, part-of, implementation relations Does C++ distinguish between subtype and implementation inheritance? How? What about Java? Eiffel encourages using inheritance for implementation purposes (convenience): --STD_FILES, FILES, VIEWABLE, STORABLE, ENVIRONMENT, etc. Has inheritance in Eiffel just become a device for getting non-local scope? How could FIXED_STACK be implemented without multiple inheritance? make ARRAY an attribute of FIXED_STACK--this approach is called delegation 1
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A potential problem--consider the following code fragment: s:FIXED_STACK[CHARACTER]; !!s.make; --FIXED_STACK's make creates an ARRAY of some default size s.put('A',3); putchar(s @ 3); --using ARRAY routines from FIXED_STACK What's the problem here? [Violation of semantics of STACK (see ADT axioms)] Information hiding problem: how do we hide ARRAY access from clients of STACKs? Eiffel 3 fixes this bug--by allowing heirs to restrict exports from parents:
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10inher - The"meaning of inheritance Semantics of...

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