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10/24 Group think came about when Jannis was helping daughter with work Examples: pearl harbor, bay of pigs Group think- very viral term, everyone understands 8 symptoms of group think Illusion of invulnerability think that nothing can hurt them, way over confident Collective rationalization- talk more about why their decision is good rather than other possibilities or reasons its wrong leads to confidence, feeling correct, etc Believe in inherent morality of the group idea that the group is inherently moral and that they group is making the ethically correct decision Stereotype view of the outgroup generalize other groups, assume others agree with them, us v. them
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Unformatted text preview: ○ Direct pressure on dissenters people who show alternative views are mocked or put down ○ Self-censorship people keep quiet because their dissention wont be accepted ○ Illusion of unanimity because dissenter stops speaking it will seem as if everyone is in agreement when all together, everyone thinks differently individually ○ Self appointed mind guard right hand man filters info to leader, doesn’t give dissenting points of view – Leads to making poor decision – Criticisms-○ Very little research support theory ○ Hindsight bias?? ○ A usefully theory would need to predict bad decisions in advance...
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