Notes 9.5 - -Criticism 4 o Seeing people do the same thing...

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9/5 - Personality researches had power, gained most research=personality - MIschel (Columbia University) o Correlation between traits and behavior is small o Changed face of psychological research moved away from solely personality - Criticism 1 o Personality is an illusion based on inaccurate/biased social processing o People aren’t good at processing information about people in a systematic and unbiased way o No agreement between personal assessment and others’ assessments o As raters and rate get to know each other better, their ratings tend to agree more - Criticism 2 o Barnum Effect- people agree with vague and general statements about themselves (overly flattering) Doesn’t give accurate information o We wouldn’t be able to distinguish their personalities o The more specific the question the more value the results - Criticism 3 o People could use stereotypes to make assessments o Use superficial information to rate person raters agree because of stereotypes
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Unformatted text preview: -Criticism 4 o Seeing people do the same thing over and over would lead to agreement inaccurate o Behavior is carefully controlled in similar situations o Best way to get a good idea is to ask many people who have seen you in a variety of situations o Cross-situational predictors-Criticism 5 o Behavior is not predicted by traits o Looking at more aggregate behaviors lead to a stronger correlation-People are willing to guess on information they arent positive about-Self reporting doesnt work need others!-In strong situations where a certain behavior is expected, their traits will not predict how they will act-The Chameleon o Change personality/behavior to go along with situation o High able to easily read you-High self monitors are often promoted, able to do well in different organizational situations...
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Notes 9.5 - -Criticism 4 o Seeing people do the same thing...

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