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Unformatted text preview: gle AdWords keyword tool Step 3: "Market" analysis - Drop competitors' keywords - Drop irrelevant keywords - Beware: the most popular keyword! - Beware: your brand! - Focus on the "niche": medium-popularity keywords with sufficient traffic CSE 197/BIS 197: Search Engine Strategies 7-7 Fall 2006 Davison/Lin Task 1.2: Choose Target Keyword General Strategy - - - Come up with seven to ten phrases your brand name and a generic category name should be there Brand name: ? ranking, ? Traffic - Generic name: ? Ranking, ? traffic Fall 2006 Davison/Lin CSE 197/BIS 197: Search Engine Strategies 7-8 Task 2: Assess Your Current Situation Measure current performance - Landing page analysis What is your landing page? Is your landing page indexed? - - Your ranking Competitor...
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