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Physics 21 Fall, 2005 Solution to HW-2 21 Q16 Draw the electric feld lines surrounding two neg- ative electric charges a distance l apart. The feld lines are as in Fig. 21-33(b) on page 562, ex- cept the arrows ±or the feld direction point in the opposite direction because both signs have changed. 21 Q27 Explain why there can be a net ±orce on an electric dipole placed in a nonuni±orm electric feld. A dipole consists o± a positive charge + q and a negative charge q a distance d away. A uni±orm electric feld is the same everywhere, so the feld E + at + q and the feld E - at q are the same. The vector sum o± the ±orces on the dipole is there±ore zero. For a nonuni±orm electric feld, E + can be di²erent ±rom E - , so the vector sum may not be zero. 21 P12 A charge o± 9.00 mC is placed at each corner o± a square 0.200 m on a side. Determine the magnitude and direction o± the ±orce on each charge. 12 3 4 L Q Q Q Q x y F 12 F 13 F 14 The ±orce on charge 1 due to each o± the other charges is F 1 = F 12 + F 13 + F 14 .
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