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03UseCaseHandout - Allow customer to re-enter credit card...

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Use Cases Two kinds of use case documents: a use case diagram and use case text. Text provides the detailed description of a particular use case Diagram provides an overview of interactions between actors and use cases Here's an example of a use case (text) (from Fowler and Scott, UML Distilled ): Use Case: Buy a Product 1. Customer browsers through catalog and selects items to buy 2. Customer goes to check out 3. Customer fills in shipping information (address; next-day or 3-day delivery) 4. System presents full pricing information, including shipping 5. Customer fills in credit card information 6. System authorizes purchase 7. System confirms sale immediately 8. System sends confirming email to customer Alternative: Authorization Failure At step 6, system fails to authorize credit purchase
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Unformatted text preview: Allow customer to re-enter credit card information and re-try Alternative: Regular customer 3a. System displays current shipping information, pricing information, and last four digits of credit card information 3b. Customer may accept or override these defaults Return to primary scenario at step 6 Here's an example of a use case diagram : Stick figures represent actors (human or computer systems in roles ), such as Trader • Ellipses represent use cases (behavior as seen by users) • What can user do with the system? • E.g., Trader interacts with Trader Contract via a Trade Commodities transaction • <<include>> inserts a chunk of behavior...
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