Lecture Notes - UNIT 3 - UNIT 3 TOPIC 8 Chocolate and Weight control Lesson 1 Chocolate Video 1 Chocolate Food of the Gods Study Prefer Sex or Sex 30

Lecture Notes - UNIT 3 - UNIT 3 TOPIC 8 Chocolate and...

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UNIT 3 TOPIC 8: Chocolate and Weight control Lesson 1: Chocolate Video 1 Chocolate: Food of the Gods Study: Prefer Sex or Sex? 30% men and 38% women preferred chocolate to sex More than 500 chemicals in chocolate Melting point: 36C - we like the texture of chocolate It is believed that what is really enjoyed is the melting in the mouth Theobroma cacao - Theo : god; = food of the gods Aztecs would use coco drinks to satisfy gods - very difficult to dissolve Cocoa = very bitter; Aztecs called it Zocoatl for bitter Cocoa also used as currency - Spaniard believed cocoa had aphrodisiac properties - also thought would increase libido o became popular in Europe as drinks, so add sugar, vanilla, cinnamon so chocolate was drunk, not eaten In Canada, consumption: 4kg/person/year Video 2 Looking at chocolate production Flowers app same family as orchids Cocoa flower converted to puds - grows on branches No season - always continue growing Forastero, Criollo, Trinitero: o Criollo: split it open, surrounded by white. Let it ferment - sugar gets converted to alcohol → acetic acid → esters (adds flavor) Ivory Coast: top producer (then Guana, and then Indonesia) by far o Child labor (Bitter Chocolate - Carol Off) Fair trade One fermentation process done, drying, then roasting Roasting = enhanced flavor o Roasting: Maillard rxn - involves combination b/w aa and sugars coco nibs when you crush beans Chocolate Liquor: basis of making chocolate - no actual alcohol in it Video 3 Making of chocolate Closest in taste to chocolate liquor is chocolate baking Chocolate: very bitter and high fat content Someone had idea to put chocolate liquor in compressor: on one side get cocoa cakes; on another cocoa butter (by Casparus van Houton) o Butter is actually like butter (melting point close to body T) o Also medicinal purposes (make sure melts once in body) Cocoa cakes (super bitter) doesn't dissolve well o Dutch process: treat natural cocoa with alkali → powder (tell them apart by the color; natural is mu ch lighter) o Advantage: acidity cut down, solubility increased First edible chocolate dev by English: J.S. Fry o Blend butter and powder under the right condition (Fry company) Switzerland: milk chocolate o Someone had choc factory in Switzerland - wanted to cut down on bitterness, so added milk o Went to Nestle and said : why don't we take White chocolate: made from cocoa butter only Lindt chocolate named after Rudolph Lindt o Dev "conching", where choc is dev for a long period of time; made the chocolate smoother Toblerone: shape would be inspired from the Matterhorn, not far from where the dev lived Switzerland and Belgium highest consumption of chocolate worldwide: 12kg/person/yr
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