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NPB 114 Practice MT#2 Matching (1 pt each) a. Acinar cell d. Chief cell b. Endocrine cell e. Mucous cell c. Parietal cell ____ 1. Produces an alkaline fluid to protect the stomach ____ 2. Its product is released into the bloodstream ____ 3. Produces pepsinogen a. Fundus d. LES b. Body e. Pyloric Sphincter c. Antrum ____ 4. Stretchy upper portion of the stomach that accomodates food ____ 5. Separates the duodenum from the stomach Multiple Choice (3 pts each) ____ 6. All phases of swallowing are initiated involuntarily, EXCEPT for the ______ phase. a. Oral d. Gastric b. Pharyngeal e. None of the above c. Esophageal ____ 7. What can increase the force of contraction in the esophagus? ____ 8. Contraction of the _____________ closes off the nasopharynx during swallowing. ____ 9. If the nasopharynx were physically blocked, what would be the consequence?
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