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IE 426 – Case Study #3 – Stochastic Programming Due Date: December 16, 2006 1 Networks for Private Line Services The RoaDMaP Corporation is in the business of providing telecommunication services. We are going to build a planning model for the private line service networks owned by RoaDMaP. Medium and large-sized companies in need of high-speed and reliable communications for data transfer and video conferencing use private lines to connect remote applications and to provide capacity for their data communications networks. RoaDMaP is planning an expansion of their services to meet the growing demand. In private- line networks, the demands are known to exhibit considerable variance, so it makes sense to treat them as random variables. The demand is given as forecast demands between a pair of locations. The vector ˜ d ∈ < m is a multi- dimensional random variable representing the demand between m point-to-point pairs served by the net- work. ( ˜ d i ∈ < is an estimate of the demand for point-to-point pair i ). The goal of the planning model is to decide how to allocate (limited) additional capacity resources in order to meet the forecast demand. More specifically, RoaDMaP would like to minimize the expected number of unserved requests for private-line services while satisfying the budgetary limitations on the total capacity expansion. The number of unserved point-to-point bandwidth requests is in reality a function of the real-time rout- ing of the requests. Incorporating real-time routing decisions into the planning model is computationally
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pls - IE 426 Case Study #3 Stochastic Programming Due Date:...

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