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Homework2-2 - fscanf(fpin"%d"&quarters/get...

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Homework #2 /* * Program by Justin Waters * Inputs: * Outputs: * Description: determines the value of a collection of coins. * */ #include <stdio.h> int main (void) { char first, middle, last; //input - 3 initials int pennies, nickels; //input - count of each coin type int dimes, quarters; //input - count of each coin type int change; //output - change amount int dollars; //output - dollar amount int total_cents; //total cents FILE *fpin, *fpout; //declare source files fpin = fopen("in.txt","r"); //open in file fpout = fopen("out.txt","w"); //open/create out file fscanf(fpin, "%d", &pennies); //get pennies from file fscanf(fpin, "%d", &nickels); //get nickels from file fscanf(fpin, "%d", &dimes); //get dimes from file
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Unformatted text preview: fscanf(fpin, "%d", &quarters); //get quarters from file /* Get and display customer's initials from in.txt file.*/ fscanf(fpin, "%c%c%c", &first, &middle, &last); fprintf(fpout, "Hello %c%c%c, let's see what your coins are worth.\n", first, middle, last); /*calculate total cents*/ total_cents = 25 * quarters + 10 * dimes + 5 * nickels + pennies; //seperate dollars from cents dollars = total_cents / 100; change = total_cents % 100; /*write calculated output to seperate out file*/ fprintf(fpout, "\nYour coins are worth %d dollars and %d cents. \n", dollars, change); fclose(fpin); //close in text file fclose(fpout); //close output text file return (0); }...
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