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TOPIC 9 - TOPIC 9 Microtubules Microtubules determine the...

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TOPIC 9: Microtubules Microtubules determine the positions of membrane-bound organelles and direct intracellular transport. Transport vesicles move through the cell along microtubules Dynein and kinesin are the microtubule associated motor proteins. Microtubules: – ( pp. 427 - 437) know structure, proteins, function. Know alpha -tubulin, beta-tubulin and gamma - tubulin. An alpha/beta-heterodimer is the basic subunit of microtubules , protofilaments, plus end, minus end, microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs), tau, MAP2, MAP4, colchicine, taxol, review polymerization, centrioles, centrosome, MTOC (microtubular organizing centre) - these really consist of a variety of specialized structures involved in microtubular formation. e.g.'s of MTOCs: — centrosome, basal body, spindle-pole body in fungi, MTOC in plants. We also looked at the microtubular associated motor proteins: dynein and kinesin. pp. 453 - 457 As soon as α -tubulin and β -tubulin are synthesized they immediately bind GTP which increases their affinity for each other such that they form dimers called alpha/beta-tubulin. The GTP
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