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Unformatted text preview: TOPIC 19: Protein Sorting and The Secretory Pathway The material is covered in the text on pp. 702 -712; 348 - 352 - but some related material will be scattered around in other parts of the text. The biosynthetic secretory pathway leads outward from the ER to the Golgi to the plasma membrane and other various organelles. Know exocytosis, lysosomes, early and late endosomes, M6P, constitutive vs. regulated secretion, endocytosis, bulk phase endocytosis (i.e., pinocytosis), phagocytosis, receptor mediated endocytosis, coated vesicles, clathrin coated, COPI (from ERGIC to ER), COPII (from ER to ERGIC), coated pits (clathrin). Guiding vesicular transport: SNAREs: v-SNARE, t-SNARE, endocytic vesicles, triskelion, adapter proteins, clathrin-coated vesicles, KDEL receptors, mannose 6-phosphate (M6P) receptors. Note that the glycosylation (usually starts in the ER but that the oligosacchride is modified in the Golgi complex. Exocytosis. Read section on lysosomes and know what these organelles do. Membranous bags of hydrolytic enzymes (acid hydrolases) with an lysosomes and know what these organelles do....
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