TOPIC 21 - TOPIC 21 MITOSIS& MEIOSIS Prof Fenwick will...

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Unformatted text preview: TOPIC 21: MITOSIS & MEIOSIS Prof. Fenwick will give a lecture on these topics during the regular lecture periods on Mon. April 7 (8:30 MRN AUD), Tues. April 8 (11:30 MRN AUD) and Wed. April 9 (11:30 Col By C03). Material we cover only during these lectures will not be tested on the final examination . We have looked at some of the material previously and this material is fair game for the exam. If you feel comfortable that you understand mitosis and meiosis please do not come to these lectures. I will not be giving out any information about the exam and I will not be reviewing anything nor answering any questions about the course material that will be on the exam. Mitosis We looked specifically at molecular motors earlier and this is a good place to revisit on the concept. Therefore, you should study carefully the mechanisms of chromosome movement and cytokinesis. Words: cleavage furrow, contractile ring of actin & myosin, mitotic spindle with centrosome, centriole, microtubular organizing...
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