Abortion test

Abortion test - Abortion A For the sake of argument Thomson...

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Abortion: A) For the sake of argument Thomson grants that the fetus has a right to life. Using argument through analogies she argues for the moral permissibility of induced abortion. B & C) Thomson argues for her thesis using three analogies. a. In the first analogy you wake up in the morning back to back with this famous violinist. He has a fatal kidney disease and the SML has found through research that you are the only person that has the right blood type to help. Because of this the SML has kidnapped you and plugged him into your circulatory system so that your kidneys can remove the poison in the violinists kidneys. If you unplug him he will die, but if you wait nine months he will fully recover and you can safely unplug him. Thomson assumes that it would be permissible to unplug the violinist even though doing so would cause his death. According to Thomson the right to life does not entail the right to use another person’s body, so by unplugging the violinist you are not violating his right to life but depriving him of life support that you are not by any means obligated to give him. Thomson goes on to say that although it would be kind to allow the violinist to use your kidney it is not his right. From this analogy she also claims that abortion wouldn’t violate the fetus’s right to life but instead deprive the fetus of the use of a woman’s body, which the fetus has no right to. Because of this Thomson feels that by carrying the fetus for 9 months is not a moral obligation but the actions of a “Good Samaritan”. b. The next analogy attacks the Third-Party Participant that often times can interfere with a woman’s abortion. For example a doctor that is not willing to perform an abortion. In this case his unwillingness to abort directly affects the
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Abortion test - Abortion A For the sake of argument Thomson...

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