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H&a essay 1 - Kilby King H&A Essay#1 In the Western...

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Kilby King 12/12/07 Essay #1: In the Western culture prior to the invention of the Gutenberg press, people were memorizing every single thing in details. They memorized because they lived in the world that was like the Middle Ages and of course they would not travel as much as we would today. They were intelligent and knows everything including the names, any stories, and their backgrounds due they does not have any chance to go travel anywhere to see new concepts of learning the new opportunities like walking into a new world of new concepts to memorize. Like my teacher said in last week, “there is a lot of technology, but it comes down to memory. Most of us do not rely on memory like we used to in the past.” During their time, they used a technique called Memory Theatre that is more likely an aspect of a science of the imagination. It is used for the development of memory like the subjects in an arts course such as public speaking, music, grammar, and else. Also it is all about solving the puzzles with logic. Their hardest and important to work to
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H&a essay 1 - Kilby King H&A Essay#1 In the Western...

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