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hw10 - Physics 21 Fall 2004 Solution to HW-10 27 Q 2 Draw...

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Physics 21 Fall, 2004 Solution to HW-10 27 Q2 Draw the magnetic feld lines around a straight section oF wire carrying a current horizontally to the leFt. Turn ±ig. 27-9 on its side: 27 P1 (a) What is the Force per meter oF length on a straight wire carrying a 7.40 A current when perpendicular to a 0.90 T uniForm magnetic feld? (b) What iF the angle between the wire and feld is 45.0 ? x y z BB I I (a) (b) θ The fgure shows the magnetic feld B in the y direction. The current I is in the xy
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