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In order to address the energy issue, we proposed that people should replace their ordinary incandescent bulbs with newer energy saving CFL bulbs. By doing so you can greatly reduce the amount energy your family uses. We chose this proposal because we thought it was the easiest way for any person to save money and energy. We should all be excited about this proposal because this is a very easy and efficient way for any and all people participating to see an immediate decrease in energy expenditures. All you have to do is change your incandescent light bulbs with the efficient CFL light bulbs and you could save up to 30 dollars per bulb. In the average house there are roughly 40 light bulbs. That means if you were to switch all the bulbs in your house not only would they
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Unformatted text preview: last longer but they would save you around 1300 dollars over their lifetime. That is something to be excited about! To carry out our proposal the basic thing we must achieve is awareness. In order to accomplish this we will use several methods of informing the community. The first method we would use is handing out fliers. This method is particularly efficient because you can consult the people receiving the fliers and help them fully understand the gravity of the situation. The next method we would use is consult local restaurants to partner up in our efforts. Local restaurants such as Cheeba Hut or Abo’s Pizza would be quick to switch to CFL light bulbs; this would help our cause greatly....
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