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my version of final essay - Essay 1 The past 150 years have...

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Essay 1: The past 150 years have witnessed two great eras of globalization, the first dating from 1870-1914, and the second from 1970 to the presents. In each era some benefited from globalization (winners), while others were hurt by globalization (losers). For each era, choose two winners and two losers, and explain why they gained or lost as a result of globalization. (In making your choice, you might want to consider the differing experience of workers across or within nations, the differing experiences of capital across or within nations, or the differing experiences across nation states). How might national responses as well as international regulating bodies have reduced the costs (to the losers) of globalization? 1. 1870-1914 a. Great Britain—winner i. During the 70’s when there was a depression GB remain on the gold standard and kept tariffs at basically zero ii. Was the country everyone compared their currency to iii. Everyone had confidence in GB so they invested iv. Able to invest in other countries which was profitable as well as receive better loans from foreign governments b. European Laborers—winner i. Leading up to WWI they were given social protections ii. Given injury insurance in most countries iii. Most children were given protections; only allowed to work certain hours, etc iv. US and japan didn’t have these protections v. The more open a country was the more likely they were to have labor reforms vi. Factory inspections were introduced, protection of women working vii. Old age, disability insurance and unemployment insurance began to develop in some countries c. Congolese people—losers i. Piece of land given to King Leopold, not the Belgium ii. Forced Congolese people to get rubber for him
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iii. Killed people if they didn’t meet quota—kidnapped and raped family members, cut off hands iv. Predates Hitler v. Approximately 10 millin people were killed because of him vi. Used all the money for personal profit vii. 1885-1908 d. US Farmers- losers i. US was on the gold standard ii. Part of being on the gold standard was that you practice prudent monetary policy; worried about the global economy before your on iii. When there was deflation farmers suffered 2. 1970-present a. India- winner i. Companies coming in helps to increase economy ii. When people work for a company, they are making higher than average wages
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my version of final essay - Essay 1 The past 150 years have...

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